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Advanced Technology

To combat the challenges of the mission, the Red Bull Stratos team produced a space suit specifically tailored for Felix Baumgartner

Almost nothing is "off the shelf". Successfully completing a supersonic freefall from the edge of space is an incredible challenge requiring technologically advanced equipment. Sage Cheshire Aerospace built the Red Bull Stratos capsule and continues to develop other vital systems on site. A pressurized space suit engineered especially for this mission by David Clark Co. is one of the key pieces of technology that could serve future generations of space travelers. Everything from a parachute that "thinks" for you with automatic safety systems, to a built-in gravity meter tasked with saving Felix's life was built on historical knowledge with the goal of preventing the "what-if's" inherent in a pioneering mission like this.

Mission fact:

A drogue stabilization chute will open if Felix experiences 3.5 Gs or more for 6 seconds in freefall.

Built-In Safety