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Backup Safety Systems

Airtec Cypres2

Backup Parachute Engineering

CYPRES 2 (Cybernetic Parachute Release System) automatically initiates the reserve parachute at a predetermined altitude. Felix Baumgartner wears the display unit on his right shoulder.

In a potential emergency situation, CYPRES 2 is an electronic "automatic activation device" that can act as a third hand for Felix, automatically initiating his reserve parachute should his main become unusable. For Red Bull Stratos, AIRTEC developed a special 'STRATOS CYPRES' that is capable of withstanding the incredibly hostile environment found at 120,000 feet.

The release component is installed in Felix's reserve parachute container. In the event he cannot open or trigger either of his two landing parachutes by himself, this exclusively designed equipment will initiate the opening of the reserve parachute at the assigned time and safety altitude. The capabilities of CYPRES 2 are based on atmospheric pressure and advanced AIRTEC technology.