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Drop Zone Winners

Winners announced for Drop Zone competition

Thank you to everyone who entered the Drop Zone competition to estimate where Felix would land following his freefall from the edge of space.

His final landing position was 43.8 miles or 70.5km from the capsule's original launch site at the following coordinates: Latitude: 33° 21' 28.84" Longitude: -103° 47' 5.38" 

Red Bull Stratos is delighted to announce the winner who received a Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback watch and the five runner-up prize winners who will each take home an official Mission backpack.


Dave Sertons was crowned winner of the Red Bull Stratos Drop Zone competition. His estimation of Felix Baumgartner's precise landing spot was 303 meters off target. How in heaven's name do you calculate where Felix will touch down? Let's ask the expert himself…

How did you determine the Drop Zone?
"It wasn't really rocket science you know. I watched two previous test jumps that Felix Baumgartner did. I looked up the data and also researched the direction of the wind in the stratosphere on those days. I then looked at the weather forecast for the day of the jump and was pretty certain what the direction of the wind would be. I also figured he would have some influence on where he landed, so I looked for a logical landing spot near a road crossing. And I wasn't far off."

What did you think of Red Bull Stratos?
"Fantastic to watch. I followed the whole thing with great enjoyment. It is special that so many people were watching online at the same time and also special that Red Bull made something like that possible. It wasn't only Felix who broke all those records, Red Bull also set a record for most live views on YouTube."

And now you are the proud owner of an El Primero Zenith wristwatch, the same one Baumgartner has…
"I am really happy with that. I am quite the watch aficionado, so for me this is a fantastic prize."

During his record breaking jump Felix Baumgartner wore a brand new El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking wristwatch. It can handle extreme heights, extreme speeds and it doesn't matter if you break the sound barrier. So Dave, go for it!

Runner-up prize winners:

2nd prize: Geoff Waye from Newfoundland, Canada

Estimate was 548 meters from final landing position


3rd prize: Jonathan Dorman from Wisconsin, USA

Estimate was 708 meters from final landing position


4th prize: awaiting participant's response to notification

Estimate was 909 meters from final landing position


5th prize: awaiting participant's response to notification

Estimate was 945 meters from final landing position


6th prize: Sam Williams from Arizona, USA

Estimate was 1050 meters from final landing position


If you weren't lucky enough to win there is still a chance to purchase Red Bull Stratos memorabilia by clicking on the merchandise link.