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Mike Todd

Mike Todd

Red Bull Stratos Life Support Engineer

Mike Todd is Felix Baumgartner's life preserver -  ensuring proper fitting equipment and a safe return home from the stratosphere.

As the Red Bull Stratos life support engineer, Mike Todd is responsible for the equipment that will keep Felix Baumgartner alive as he freefalls through near space: his pressure suit and helmet and their oxygen components. Mike not only helped to suggest and perfect the design innovations of this vital life-support gear; he personally maintains the suit, coordinating with Red Bull Stratos team members to ensure that everything - from capsule layout to parachute deployment - works harmoniously with its design. Mike always assists Felix in suiting up, and he'll likely be the last person Felix sees before the capsule is sealed.

An expert skydiver, parachute rigger and pilot, Mike was an associate engineer, designer and test jumper for parachute manufacturer Pioneer, then worked in the High Altitude Life Support and Pressure Suit Division of Lockheed's "Skunk Works" for almost 30 years, finding solutions for some of the most exciting challenges in aerospace. He also fitted pressure suits for Steve Fossett's record-setting Perlan glider project.